digital tools

useful if you

know how

to use them.

Research Tools

  • Google Trends — discover trends by taking the world’s pulse with this tool.
  • Google Keyword Planner — the first place you should go to start your keyword research.
  • Keyword Grouping Tool — sorts jumbled keyword lists into interesting “groups” for you.
  • Keyword Typo Generator — generates various common misspellings of keywords.
  • Open Site Explorer — discover where your competitors are getting their inbound links.
  • Ubersuggest — gives you all the Google auto-complete words for a base keyword.
  • SEM Rush — provides valuable info on what you currently rank for, among other things.
Monitoring Tools
SEO Audit Tools

Buyer Personas


Competitive Intelligence
  • BuiltWith — this is a fun tool to run quick tests on websites.
  • ChangeDetection — get pinged when your competitor updates their website.
  • Domain Dossier — get all the info you want on a domain’s age, ownership, and history.
  • MixRank — find out what your competitors ads look like, how long each has run.
  • SpyFu — find out what keywords your competitors are buying, and how much they spending.
  • Trademark Search — find out if someone has trademarked a word or phrase.
  • Way Back Machine — here you’ll find what any website looked like back in the day.
  • Follow – find display ads and other interesting things.
Sales Funnels
  • ConvertKit and Infusionsoft — two email marketer’s dream.
  • Clickfunnels — the ultimate sales funnel software.
  • LeadPages the name explains itself.
  • CrazyEgg — heat map your pages and see what people are looking at, clicking on.
  • Hojar – another heat mapping tool you’ll love.
Social Media Monitoring & Measurement
  • Klout — gives a quick rundown of perceived influence on social media.
  • ManageFlitter — manage/analyze your social media followers.
  • — tells how many times a specific page has been shared.
  • Buffer — high-quality social media scheduling service (comes with Pablo, an image making software).


What are your favourite tools? We would love to hear from you!

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