about us





we are the audacious

Strategically Forward


We are data obsessed.

Our curiosity enables us to explore what’s working and not working. We aren’t afraid to have real conversations to ensure solid strategy moves forward.



We build meaningful relationships by being genuine and knowing who we are.

We don’t claim to be a jack of all trades. We know what we are masters at, and know when to pass the baton.

Fellow Business Owners


We are all business owners.

We don’t just ‘get’ marketing, we ‘get’ business, including the importance of effective communication, efficiency and return on investment.

Not your typical digital marketing co.



We are a collective of creative, strategic and ambitious individuals, bringing business to the next level with digital marketing strategies and implementations.

You will find here, a combination of technical and creative; extraverted and introverted; spreadsheet-loving and illustrator-obsessed.

What do we have in common?

We love proving R.O.I.
We do our best work by the flexibility and bravery of being business owners.
We only work with business’ that align with our values.
We invest in ourselves.
We challenge each other.
We know what we are great at, and know when to pass the baton.


(some of)

our credentials

Landing Page Conversion Course


Paid Advertising Advanced Course


Inbound & Content Marketing Certified


Convert Kit Certification

Convert Kit

Consumer Neuroscience & Neuromarketing


Google Adwords and Bing Ads Certified

Google and Bing

B.B.A. Majoring in Marketing

Mount Royal


Create Sales Funnels Courses

Skillshare and CYLL

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